Thursday, June 4, 2015

As The Branch Turns….

May 24th:  We show up at church and as usual during Sacrament meeting President Wheeler evaluates which teachers have showed up and which have not.  We were short our Youth Sunday School, Gospel Doctrine, Young Women's, and Young Men's.  We kind of look at each other and smile and know we are on board for teaching.  "As the Branch Turns".  We also had a new investigator attend.  After Sacrament Meeting, I took the new investigator around and settle her children in to Primary explaining about the different auxiliaries.  Dad went to the Gospel Principles class with the investigator because she could not be alone with the Elders and I went in to see what the Youth Sunday School class was doing while the counselors in the Branch Presidency handled Gospel Doctrine.  I was blown away by the youth.  They had gone in to the clerks office and pulled the Come Follow Me Manual and was well in to the lesson.  I quietly took my seat.  One of Young Men (Sonwambile) had selected the lesson and was teaching, while one of the YW (Bouso) was the scribe.  It was an amazing lesson.  They had written the scriptures on the board, and assigned each class member one of the scriptures to read and explain what that scripture meant.  They each took turns and each scripture lead to a discussion.  The lesson was on the Holy Ghost.  The last thing the "teacher" did was to have each of the members of the class share a time where they have listened to the Holy Ghost and heeded the counsel.  I will share Ayabonga Mgadi's reply.  Some background.  You have heard us talk about one of the great obstacles our members face in overcoming the unrighteous traditions of their Father's.  The Mgadi Family had held the previous week one of those traditions.  There is dancing, singing, ancestor worship, drinking, slaughtering of animals, and more.  They begin on the beach, move to the Kowie River and then go in to the Bush for more traditional 'stuff'.  Now listen to Ayabonga:

"Yo, Sister Wheeler.  I am so tired.  I stayed up until 3:00 am with the family singing and dancing and playing the drum.  They painted our faces with some kind of clay and at 3:00 am in the morning we were supposed to wash our face with Vodka.  I said to my father, I must run.  I can not do this."  My Father let me go to my room.  I went to sleep, but the Holy Spirit told me that I must get up and go to church and so I listened and I am here."

Let me mention that Ayabonga last weekend completed all of her requirements to receive her Young Women's Medallion.  She is the first from the Port Alfred Branch.

One more thing on the 24th.  I was teaching in Relief Society.  The YW did not have a leader, so I gave them the choice.  Do you want to combine with the RS or teach yourself.  "We want to teach our own lesson".  "O.K." said I with a pray in my heart that it would not turn in to a chat session.  After church I took the three Young Women that were there with me to deliver invitations for Personal Progress that was scheduled for Wednesday.  I asked how the lesson went.  "It was great Sister Wheeler.  We talked about following the Prophets and the discussion went to receiving our Patriarchal Blessings.  Ayabonga has received hers.  I want to prepare myself for a blessing."  President will work with Asemachle to have this happen in her life.

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