Thursday, June 4, 2015

Make A Joyful Noise….

March 31:  It was 5th Sunday, and I was in charge of 3rd hour.  On the 24th I had given a talk in Sacrament Meeting on the hymns of the church, encouraging each member to come prepared to share a favorite hymn or preferably to select a new hymn to learn. In our branch, we have an organ that has a computer chip in it that plays a few hymns.  It was our hope to teach the members some new ones.   President and Sister Stapley were there visiting from our Mission Presidency and she can play the piano, so between the two of us we had accompaniment.  I gave a short tour through the hymnbook explaining how it is set up and then we sang.  Oh did we sing.  Now, you just must understand that this was one of those "had to be there" experiences to fully appreciate it.  A few chose hymns that were not familiar, but most chose hymns that they knew.  I'm telling you.  There is something about their diaphragms.  There were about forty members there and we just simply raised the roof.  It was AWESOME!!!!  We came to the end of the hour and closed with prayer.  After the prayer, no one moved.  They just kept singing.  One would shout out a hymn number and we sang, and sang, and sang for another 15 minutes.  I am attaching a picture of the white board I used for the lesson. I asked each member to write on the board why they loved the hymns and one by one each member came and made a statement.   I am so upset we did not record this. It was in the chapel so we did not.   I think I should have bent the rules for this one!!!

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