Monday, June 29, 2015

"P" Stands for P-day….but this Monday it was Pineapple Day!

If we get some time on P-day one of the things we like to do is to just start driving and if we see a road that is interesting we take it.  We drove towards Grahamstown and took a road that said it was to a game reserve.  Instead, we came across acres and acres of Pineapple Fields.  The Eastern Cape is the biggest pineapple producing region of South Africa.  We happened to hit it on harvest day.  Each pineapple is hand-picked.  The tops are taken off to use for planting.  

The pineapples are placed on this conveyor belt with the tops going on to another belt.

The variety growing on the Eastern Cape are called Cayenne.  They are sooooo delicious and so sweet.  

The pineapples are loaded in to crates and trucked off to Port Elizabeth to ship.  We bought seven pineapples from these kind gentlemen for $1.00.
The itty bitty baby pineapples.

The Moma Size Pineapples...

The Daddy Sized Pineapples...
We drove a little further and came across a bamboo farm.  Who knew….

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