Sunday, January 22, 2017

What is a Church History Mission you may ask...

Ah hah.  What is Church History you may ask.  When we began this journey, we had no idea of this amazing arm of the church.  It is much, much more than the death masks of Hyrum and Joseph.  Google this address:  Scroll through the tabs that are labeled HOME, EXPLORE, VISIT, RESEARCH, HOW TO.  If you had an ancestor that came across with the pioneers, check out the drop-down box on Research.  If you are teaching Gospel Doctrine this year, check out perspectives on Church History in one of the drop-downs.  Whatever you do, don't miss "Pioneers in Every Land".  Watch those videos.  AWESOMENESS.

We began our training at the Church History Museum in October.  We are part of the first group of missionaries to go through out the world with the specific task of recording and preserving the history of the Saints worldwide for the rising generations.  We will gather and record oral histories of the saints in the East Europe area, gather documents, record, digitize, catalog, and preserve them.  Artifacts and and historical records will also be part of our assignment.  

These nine couples will serve in Japan, South Africa, Germany, Ukraine, Moscow [us], Australia [two couples] and Europe.  There is a lot of white hair going on in this crowd.  We were with them for one week, eight hours a day.  We learned a ton.

As part of our training we were privileged to meet and do an oral interview with Stephen J. Sorenson [above] and his wife who served as mission president from 2010 ~ 2013.  I was instant friends with Sister Sorenson.  She is a quilter!

Our amazing sister Kaye Nelson set up an interview with Gary L. Browning [on the right] and his wife along with Melvin J. Luthy who served as the Mission President prior to him.  Brother Browning is now a traveling Patriarch to the East Europe Area.  He [and the Lord] are responsible for opening the Moscow Mission in 1990 after the wall went down in 1989.

Our genius trainers were James A. Miller, pictured on the left with his wife, and on the right Matthew Heiss and his wife.  The two adorable little ones belong to James, Sophia and Maria.  Matt is the director of the CHD supervising the East Europe Area and South Africa.  James is his assistant.  They prepared and presented nineteen weeks of training for us.  This picture was taken at the Miller's home.  They prepared a traditional Russian dinner for us including Borshdt, as a celebration of our completing nineteen training sessions.  These guys are REALLY smart and tell the BEST stories ever.  James and Matt have been trying to manage Church History on two continents from SLC.  They prayed for help and got, well, us and eight other couples.