Monday, March 13, 2017

русский .... Russian Language for Dummies!

And who would like the task of teaching two 65 year olds the Russian Alphabet?  

Bless his heart.  Ricky Callister took us on.  So patient.  So Kind.  Also, Matthew Niu.  [sorry, did not get a picture].  We spent three days at the Amanda Knight Hall in Provo, Utah working with these two fine young men.  Prior to attending "Russian Immersion" we had several Skype sessions with them.  Again, bless their hearts.  We learned that we have a lot to learn.  

Paul was super dedicated at learning the Russian Alphabet.

Me, not so much.  But I did take a picture of the tile floor in the bathroom of the amazing Amanda Knight Hall that would be an awesome quilt pattern!


  1. It's definitely worth learning... Once you can decipher some of the signs and labels you'll feel like a genius cause you can understand something in a place where you know nothing!!! At least that's how I felt ;)

  2. The tile pattern in the bathroom cracked me up! I hope you get to make or at least see some Russian quilts!

  3. How do you say my name? From Wade & Mason