Saturday, March 11, 2017

The magic number is Fifteen

In the marriage vows when they say "for better or for worse" I am sure that part of the "worse" includes the word MOVING, and for some cosmic reason we continue to pursue this despicable task no less than fifteen times in our 45 years of marriage.  

I am overjoyed to say, this will be the LAST!

With the help of 23 members from the South Jordan Sixth Ward High Priests Group and the Astling Family, we had everything loaded in 45 minutes in to a 24 foot Budget Truck and Doug Winder's Pick-up.  The truck was stuffed.

Imagine our surprise when we arrived at our conex storage box that in the nick of time was delivered to Mapleton, Utah on Kent Wheeler's property that it was only 20 feet long and not 24 feet long.  

Now meet the Tetrus crew extrodinaire.  These nine geniuses should be your go to guys if you want to win at Tetrus!  I basically stood around and did what I do best...worried.  The picture with my girls in it is all of the stuff that was not fitting in to the conex that somehow miraculously made it in preventing me from having a meltdown.  Thank you to Kaye & Riley Nelson. Mark, Lisa, Spencer, James and Loni.  

You made the impossible happen! 


And how do you get through an episode such as moving?


Lots and lots of chocolate.😜


  1. You'll be glad you've got your hangers!!! <3

  2. Never say never mother. I bet you'll have more moves than one more. - Ryan