Thursday, April 6, 2017

Church Office Building ~ Russia Style

We are standing in front of the building that houses the Russian Church Office Building.  The church occupies the 9th and 10 floor.  It is amazing.  Walking in you feel like you are in Salt Lake City, complete with artwork and cleanliness.  I will see if I can get pictures of the inside.  I am still a little wary of what I take pictures of.  We have been cautioned to be very careful.  I really don't want to make a post from jail.

Paul is pictured with Elder and Sister Bice.  This is their third mission to Moscow.  They opened the Self-reliance program two missions ago and are serving again in that capacity.  They also run the Addiction Recovery Program.

And right next door is the 'VEGAS CITY MALL'

America's influence is EVERYWHERE here, right down to Burger King and Nike.

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