Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Sunday with the Savicheva's...

What an Easter treat!  Lyudmila and Nikita Savicheva invited us to their apartment for a traditional Easter dinner after church on Sunday.  Of course it was snowing as we walked to their apartment pictured in the background.  

The table was festive with the traditional Russian Easter Bread, Kulich and colored eggs.  When the meal has been consumed, we had an egg competition.  Each person takes and egg and taps it against his opponents egg.  If your egg gets cracked when you tap it, you loose.  I was the looser.  Paul was the winner.

Paul is holding a perfectly roasted chicken.  In the window are delicious salads, and drinks.   We stayed until dark visiting and listening to their amazing stories.  Lyudmila works in the church office building in Russia.  She commutes three hours every day on the Metro.  Nikita works for Noni Juice, (yup, a Utah company) now called Angel.  He is in management.  It was wonderful to be with friends who made us feel so welcome and not lonely on Easter.  
He is Risen...Truly He is! 

Had to have an Easter selfie.  

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  1. Loved meeting your new friends! Your posts are such a treat!!