Monday, April 3, 2017

I often go walking....

Walking often is an understatement.  We walk everywhere and we love our daily walks exploring our little "neck of the woods" in Moscow.  We couldn't let a little downpour stop us, so off we went.  

Today's discovery was the Novodevichy cemetary just a short distance from our apartment.   This is Moscow's most prestigious burial site and resting place for prominent figures including Nikita Kruschev.  It is now used also for a convent.  We will tour the grounds on a day that is not so drizzley.  

We are always on the lookout for food.  I have found almost everything here except for Baking Powder, water flavorings, and lunchmeat.  In place of lunchmeat, the stores have isles and isles of hot dogs and baloney.  We may be taking a trip back in time to our early days of baloney sandwiches.  We chuckled at the name of this hot dog stand.  In Russian we think it says "stardogs".  To us it says....well, crapdogs.

The find of the day was this lovely little delicatessen!  My oh my.  About a seven minute walk from our appartment.  SCORE!  I choose a delicious salmon quiche for dinner and Paul decided on a croissant that oozed cheese and some kind of meat (probably baloney).  Both were yummy.

We found a student in line who spoke English and helped us navigate the desserts.  I don't know what this is called.  He said it is a Russian favorite.  I am here to confirm that his opinion is valued.  Yummers.  We will be frequenting this establishment.


  1. I love ALL of your posts! I love seeing your new life and all the details of it. We can't wait to come and experience it with you! Love you!! Riley and Kaye

  2. From crap-dogs to a delightful deli. You sure tell a good story!