Saturday, April 1, 2017

It felt like the first day of Kindergarten..

Yea!  We did it Mom.  It felt like the first day of Kindergarten.  We went to the grocery store all by ourselves!  What's the big deal you may ask.  Well, I will tell you.  First of all, we do not drive a car in Russia.  If you wonder why, just do a Google Search for "Russia Car Crashes".  Since we have no cars, our mode of transportation is walking and riding on the Metro.  The Metro.  A whole other blog.  For this purpose, let me just say that ten million people ride the Metro each day.  All signs and directions are written / spoken in Russian of which we can not understand.  Elder Wheeler was the champ!  He read the map and we ventured out, and we made it back without getting stopped or arrested.  

There is a small grocery store on every corner.  When I say small, imagine a 7-eleven with a produce counter, meat counter,  drugstore, and more.  We went once to this store with Elder and Sister Griffin, but wanted to navigate it on our own.  Imagine, if you will Costco times six on a Saturday.  It felt like all of Moscow was in this store, and Moscovians can be rather, well, not polite.  If you are in their way, they will just grab your basket and move it away.  I had Babushkas come up and tell me their life story in Russian.  Not a word did I get, but it was great to listen to them.  You pronounce the name of the store, Aashwan.  Two levels of everything imaginable.  My daughter Lisa, the dietician, tells me "read the labels Mom".  Fat chance Lisa.  Good thing there are pictures on the packages.

If it looks like the checkout line goes on forever, it does.

Me and the Metro.  More to come on the Metro adventure.

I have the cutest bagger boy ever!  

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