Saturday, April 15, 2017

Oh It Is Wonderful....Easter with an Apostle.

Saturday, April 15, 2017 was our great honor to be taught by an apostle of the Lord.  We attended two meetings that day.  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland presided along with Donald L. Hallstrom.  Each was accompanied by their wives.  Our area Presidency, Elder James B. Martino, Elder Larry S. Kacher, and Elder Alexy V. Samaykin were also present along with our mission President Jeffrey D. McGhie.

The first meeting was for those serving in the  mission.  A photoshoot was arranged.  First we had to organize the elders.  

Then come the adorable Sisters.  Cute little Mazie McGhie is doing one of her ballerina poses for the camera.  What can I say.  She is five.

Add the seniors, and then we wait.  When the general authorities arrive, they warmly greet us, pictures are snapped, and then we file out one by one to shake the hands of an apostle of the Lord.  

Some highlights from Elder Hollands talk:

1.  It's time to accept what we cannot do without complaining and focus with faith on what we can do.
2.  The Book of Mormon needs to become (or remain) the center of our personal studies.  Our teaching of members and investigators should be centered on the Book of Mormon.  It is our greatest missionary tool.
3.  Keep teaching--active members, non-members, less-active members.  Teach everyone who will listen.  "A teaching missionary is a happy missionary".
4.  We need to figure out how the Lord wants us to reach out and rescue the less-active members in our mission.  Elder Holland told us that by rescuing the less active members, we will also find investigators.  More to come on this one.

Our cups runneth over.


  1. SOOOOO many missionaries in Moscow. Those lucky ducks! AND you got a visit with Elder Holland! HAPPY EASTER!

  2. Wow! This is all so awesome! And I love your No. 1 from Elder Holland. It's what dad told me after 19 months of struggling through his challenges. He said, "I guess I just have to accept what I can do and not be so upset with what I can't." It's a lesson for all of us! Love you!