Sunday, April 2, 2017

Welcome, welcome Sabbath Morning

University Branch, Moscow Russia.  This is a picture of the branch from 2012.  Many of these faithful members we met today.  What great people.  We were welcomed so warmly.  Many speak English, but most do not.  Vasily [in the back with the beard] greeted us as we walked in.  You may recognize him from this "I Am A Mormon" spot.

See.  Now you can all read Russian..."The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"
Russian was the spoken language of the day.  We could understand Iisus Khristos and Amein.

We met brother Lu Chang Yun.  He is from Taiwan and is a student here at the University studying Russian.  He translated for Paul.  He speaks Mandarin, Russian, English and wants to learn French.  In Priesthood, he was reading his lesson in Mandarin, listening to the teacher in Russian, and speaking to Paul in English.  

And I loved volunteering for the nursery.  These two little darlings are Alexa and Panko.  They decided to see how many balls they could stuff down their shirt.  

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  1. Aren't Sunday's just the best?! Love your nursery experience.