Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ensuring Remembrance of God's hand in the lives of His children...

We have laid some good groundwork in preparation for our supervisors from SLC to visit us.  The past few days and been enlightening, instructional, and informative as we have witnessed the administrative arm of the church and the miracles that occur as it is ultimately governed by the power of the priesthood.  

Thirteen and three and two.  Those numbers have been tossed around for the last month as we sorted through thirteen boxes in the EEA, three boxes that were "somewhere in the building" and then found, and two boxes from St. Petersburg.  

In the storage room at the Kubik Building [our Church Office Building] with our thirteen boxes.
Look at this handsome happy helper using a wheelie chair
to transport the boxes to a conference room.  A Wheeler wheeling.
More treasure hunting with James A. Miller.  James
is from Las Vegas.  It's fun to talk to him about Southern Nevada. 

Elder Wheeler with Matthew Heiss.

We had a wonderful meeting with the Public Affairs Department.  Sergie, Marina, and Lena.  Their job is monumental in establishing relations with different entities in the country.

Ahhhhh....Organized and ready to put in to acid free archival storage folders and boxes.

The three boxes that were hiding and two boxes from St. Petersburg
are now in our apartment ready for the magic touch of James and Matt.
You know how I love to organize.  This is so fun!

Just one of the treasures we found was the original hymnbook that was printed in 1990 the year that the church was officially organized in Russia.  This was before the church owned a copy machine.   Thirteen hymns were translated to Russian and on an old mimeograph machine were copied in purple ink.  Officials at the time were monitoring how many copies were made on each machine.  Dmitry Marchenko asked his father to copy them on a machine that was in the Russian Orthodox church, which he did.  Since no American know Russian, the translations are loose to say the least, but it served a purpose in bringing the hymns of the restoration to this great country.

Vision Statement for the Church History Department in the Europe East Area of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

[Paul and Kathy Wheeler ~ April 6, 2017]

Our overall purpose is to increase and strengthen the testimonies of the members of the church in the Europe East Area that this is the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • ·      Expand awareness of the Church History Program among the members in the East Europe Area. 
  • ·      Establish an efficient Records Preservation Center with a vision of looking in to the future for the generations of saints to come. 
  • ·      Support the Area Church History Advisers in training and supervising their efforts. 
  • ·      Develop projects that will stand as a witness of Jesus Christ .


  1. I love everything about this and I love that you are both using your organizational skills to help move the work along!

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