Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hark all ye nations, hear heaven's voice, thru every land that all may rejoice...

Attending the Tbilisi, Georgia branch was an honor.  There are around 200 members with about 50% activity.  Much of the reason for this is that travel to the building comes at a great cost and many are 90 minutes away from the building one way.  There are eight Elders that serve in the branch and six sisters.  They have the same proselyting privileges as American missionaries.  They do not have the restrictions that our mission has.  

Entrance to the branch building.
The Georgian Saints do not yet have the Book of Mormon translated in their language. The process is underway, and we all are praying that it will happen soon.  

There are two young women in the branch.  One of them was there on Sunday.  She is in the middle.  She is flanked by two sister missionaries.  The sister on the right is the Young Women's President.  I asked her if when she was a Laurel getting her YW medallion if she ever thought she would be a YW President at the tender age of twenty.  You can guess the answer.  In our mission in Moscow, we have three Elder's (volunteers) who are serving as branch presidents.  My message to all YW, and YM leaders; "train them well".  They are needed to build the Kingdom.

 The hymns are sung in Georgian, Russian, and English.

I think the Georgian written language is beautiful. 

Sunday was branch conference.  The mission president was there, Allen B. Bostrom, to present this group of saints with their certificates for completing the self-reliance program.

 Tbilisi Georgia Branch
On the front row, far left, was our interpreter.  She is one of the saints responsible for the ongoing process of translating of the Book of Mormon in to their native language.  We were able to do an oral interview with her.  

We loved visiting with these two converts of just two years.  They are from Nigeria and found the gospel in Georgia where they are attending University.  It was great to hear that African accent. 


  1. What a delightful report of these faithful saints.

  2. So cool! I'll tell my young women to prepare!!

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