Monday, May 8, 2017

It's called "The Moscow Metro"...I call it the eighth wonder of the world, or Sardines!

What is beautiful, clean, efficient, an engineering miracle, and a work of art?
The Moscow Metro!
One of the the biggest surprises to us as we have adapted to city life is the Moscow Metro.  I will post pictures, but it is definitely something to be experienced to fully understand it's complex grandeur and well-organized system.  Since we do not drive in Moscow (and that is a blessing) we ride the Metro everywhere we go or we walk.  It is an hour and 15 minute commute one way to the office that we work in.  

Some facts:
  • In 2014 it transported 2.4 billion people.
  • Transports between 6-9 million people dailey.
  • Holds world record for on-time departure.
  • 44 of the 200 stations are listed as cultural treasures.  It is beautiful.  It is clean.
  • Construction began in 1935.
  • It was used for a bomb shelter during WWII.
  • 211 miles of train tracks, mostly underground, with the deepest section 276 feet down.
We live on the Red Line.  Our station is called, Sportivinia.  We walk about 10 minutes to get to our apartment from there.  

To my Grandchildren:  See if you can find where Grandma and Grandpa live.

The following two pictures are from rush hour the last time we rode the Metro.  We now know what it feels like to be a sardine.  

We pass through this station every time we ride to the COB (Church Office Building).  It is the Kiyevskaya Station.  The pictures on the wall are Mosiac.  Little 1/2 inch tiles that are fashioned in to amazing depictions of life in Russia.  

Russia is a treasure of history.  The Metro is evidence of that fact.

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