Saturday, May 27, 2017

Put your shoulder to the wheel...

I love the movie (both of them) called National Treasure.  Who doesn't love a great Treasure Hunt.  Today we found the greatest tresure hidden in the basement of the branch building in Tbilisi, Georgia.  One large box filled with mission records, branch records, handwritten testimonies of the pioneers of Georgia.  Oh my heart!  

 It started like this.... 

We found a room in the building and went to work, sorting, categorizing, and documenting.

While James was doing oral history interviews, we were trained one on one by Matt Heiss.  Matt has been with the church history department for 30 years.  His knowledge is vast.  He and James are over all of Africa, all of Europe, and a small portion of North America.    So much of our training in SLC was solidified as we had hands-on experience.

These are now ready to be cataloged and preserved in an RPC Center in the Ukraine.

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