Saturday, June 17, 2017

Branch Picnic Moscow Style...

Bitsevsky Park was the site for our Branch Picnic on June 17, 2017.
They said to meet at the cemetery.  Well that is not what we expected, but cemetery's are one of my favorite places to go, so we began our adventure.  It was by all standards of cemeterys on of the most beautiful we have seen.

However, we were very happy to have Branch President Denise meet us and take us to this lovely picnic area.  We felt like we were on the Alpine loop. 

 A forrest of quaking aspen trees in the background while Vasi (1st Counselor) and President Denise get the grill going.  Chicken and pork kabobs wrapped in tortillas with an array of fresh vegetables.  

Who can let a little mud stop you from learning to crawl?

The Feast!

The fun and games!

I helped the little girls make a leaf princess.  We named her Una.

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