Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bye bye Toberlone, Cadbury, Gherardelli, and Lindt...

We found it.  In Riga Latvia.  The perfect chocolate at the Liama Chocolate Factory.

Could it be because when you walk in they give you a little cup of heaven.  They call it a drink of chocolate.  We call in smooth, warm, rich, comforting, deliciousness.

‘Laima’ is the biggest and most well-known producer of chocolate and sweets in the Baltic, where chocolate is made with cocoa beans without using semi-prepared products.  It has survived a communist takeover and is going strong.  Sorry America.  I think you can only buy it in South Carolina, but try Amazon.  It is worth it.

A fun thing that you can do at the museum is personalize a label for your very own chocolate bar.  Look what we wrote without either one knowing it.  Ahhhhh......

I don't know.  Our new love might be Laima chocolate!

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